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Singer Lee Hyori has shown her support for Mnet‘s new program, ‘Show Me the Money‘.

After the program aired its pilot episode on June 22nd, which featured the preliminary rounds, Lee Hyori took to Twitter to show her support for the program.

“I seem to still like hip-hop,” she wrote. “‘Show me The Money’ is so fun to watch’.”

Upon seeing her message, Shin Hyung Kwan, the PD of ‘Show Me the Money’, retweeted the post and wrote, “Ah! Ms. Hyori is also watching ‘Show Me the Money’!”

Hyori replied back with, “Feel free to contact me if you need me, by any chance. I would like to perform together with Illtong,” and the PD wrote, “We’d be honored if you participate! We’ll contact you through PD Kim Hye Young!”

‘Show Me the Money’ is Mnet’s first hip-hop program since 2000-2004′s ‘Hip Hop the Vibe‘. Miryo, Verbal Jint, Garion, Double K, Joosuc, Hoony Hoon, MC Sniper, and 45RPM oversaw the auditions of 1,000 rookie rappers, 21 of whom will be chosen to continue on and compete in the show.


A press release issued by fantagio on Monday said that the rumor of the two having gotten married in secret, which has recently been spreading through various websites and social networking services, is “entirely groundless.”

Gong Yoo has been focusing only on his work these days, including filming and promoting his latest movie “The Crucibles” while now also busy preparing for his fan meeting in Japan in December, fantagio added.

In response, fantagio will inquire into a cyber investigation to find the original distributor of the news, take legal measures if necessary, and take firm measures against media outlets which have reported on the rumor without consideration of the agencies’ positions, the statement added.

Gong, 32, whose real name is Gong Ji-cheol, has appeared in more than a dozen television dramas and films since his debut in 2001 and became a household name throughout Asia after starring in the 2007 hit TV series “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince.”

His latest project “The Crucibles,” co-starring actress Jung Yu-mi, topped the local box office for several weeks.

Lim, also of the same age, has appeared in numerous dramas and movies since her debut in 1998 including the hit TV series “I’m Sorry, I Love You” (KBS2, 2004) and films “A Tale of Two Sisters” (2003), “Lump of Sugar” (2006) and blockbuster fantasy flick “WOOCHI” (2009) opposite Korean actor Gang Dong-won.

The two starred in film “Finding Mr. Destiny” together last year but are known to be close friends.

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According to the most recent reports, world star, Rain, will be enlisting in the military on October 11th.

The 29-year-old entertainer’s reps revealed that this is the most current report that they recently received from the Military Manpower Administration.

Rain will stay busy until then. He is currently touring around Korea for his “last” concert before his two year hiatus. He also just wrapped filming his latest movie “Emergency, Close To The Sun”, with actress Shin Se-kyung.


On June 25th, singer/actor Rain celebrated his 30th birthday from the set of his new movie, “Soar: Close to the Sun“.

The star left a warm message for his fans on his Twitter that read, “Clouds fans, thank you so much. It’s my 30th birthday today.” Standing before a three-tier cake with the words ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ written on them, Rain can be seen posing alongside his staff and castmates.

Also pictured are Yoon Joon Sang, Lee Jong Suk, and Lee Ha Na.

Fans commented back, “Happy birthday”, “Celebrating your birthday on your film set”, “and “You were born on a rainy day.”

This is not your typical Western. In a village swallowed up by sandstorms, a lone Asian swordsman – rather than a gun-trotting cowboy – awaits a final showdown with his foe.

This is Jang Dong-gun, playing a mysterious assassin from the Far East who is forced to hide in the American badlands in the Barrie M. Osborne (“Lord of the Rings”)-produced movie “Warrior’s Way.”

It’s been awhile I haven’t watched any movies from him… I think this is the latest one… cool stuffs 🙂

Singer and actor Rain’s agency J.Tune Entertainment has vowed to take all forms of action necessary to prove that the 28-year-old superstar is being falsely accused of holding gambling debt.

The move comes after a Korean-American named Andrew Kim stepped forward on Monday to say that he has filed a lawsuit in the United States against Rain because he has failed to pay him back 150,000 dollars he borrowed for gambling three years ago.

Kim also said Rain has a “heavy gambling habit” and also met with a immigrations officer to obtain a green card in the U.S. which would exempt him from serving Korea’s two-year mandatory military duties.

“Not even one percent [of what Kim has said] is true but we feel extremely wronged because what he is saying is being accepted as the truth and it’s ruining the trust Rain has worked to instill in the public for the past ten years,” J.Tune CEO Cho Dong-won told Asia Economic Daily’s Sports Today during an interview late on Tuesday.

Through their legal representative, J.Tune had issued a prompt response which curtly dismissed all allegations made by Kim, but it has done little to quell the heated debate surrounding one of Asia’s hottest celebrities.

“Both Rain and I are angry over the malicious arguments [made by Kim] but also just over this situation we’re in where the public is half-doubting us,” Cho went onto say.

Then overcome with emotion, a Cho close to tears affirmed that J.Tune “will not stay quiet about this anymore” and “take every legal measure, including filing a counter lawsuit and take all means possible, even if it may have to be an international investigation.”

“By no means is Jung Ji-hoon related to any of this. He’s a sound person. I will make sure to reveal the truth,” Cho said resolutely.

Despite a forehead injury, Lee Joonki attended a press conference for the musical “Voyage of Life”at the National Theatre in Jangchoong-dong of Seoul on August 24th.

Lee Joonki starred in the special musical production on its opening day (August 21st) with bandages wrapped around his head. However, despite his apparent injury, he gave the performance his all, receiving quite an applause at the end of the show.

After the show, the actor explained that he had incurred a significant injury during a rehearsal session for the musical. He had bumped his head onto a steel structure practicing just hours before the show. He was rushed to the Seoul National University Hospital where he had to receive 50 stitches. Although this was no minor accident, Lee insisted in performing that night because 98% of the seats were sold out. He felt it was his obligation and duty to deliver for his fans.?

At the press conference, the actor apologized for causing his fans to worry and reassured them that he’s taking all the necessary precautions and receiving all the necessary treatments to get better. He also expressed how it caused a lot of stress for him to decide to sit out from the musical on the second performance night (August 22nd). He did state that he’d be back performing his role from here on out and would try his best to give the best possible performance.?

“Voyage of Life” is a musical about the Korean War in November-December of 1950. It was put on to commemorate the 60th anniversary since the war between the two Koreas. Despite the fact that Lee is currently serving his mandatory military sentence, he participated in this special project alongside another A-list Korean actor, Joo Jin-mo.

The ever beauty, Song HyeGyo will make a movie comeback after four years!

Song HyeGyo’s last movie, Hwang Jin Yi was filmed back in 2006. Finally this year she will return to the big screen with a movie produced by Lee JungHyang.

Song HyeGyo and Lee JungHyang had worked together previously in the movies, To Our House and Art Museum By The Zoo. This current project will be special for both since it will be a comeback for them. Song HyeGyo is returning after four years, while Lee JungHyang is coming back after 8 years.

Despite a long hiatus from Korean big screen for four years, Song HyeGyo was actually busy with filming for various productions. After the drama The World That They Live In, she flew to the States for an independent movie project, Marriage. Then she engaged herself with another movie project, Legend of Yip Man with a Chinese producer, Wang Kawui.

For this new movie, an audition has been opened to search for a young girl in her 10’s to play alongside Song HyeGyo.

Since it is a comeback for both Song HyeGyo and Lee JungHwan, fans are having high expectations and it is predicted to be great movie with synergy effect.

The filming of this movie will start after Song HyeGyo finishes her filming for Legend of Yip Man and the rest of the characters are cast.

Are you anticipating much already? Welcome back Song HyeGyo!

The police have booked Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo without physical detention for a hit-and-run accident that happened two weeks ago.

According to Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on Thursday, the actor had been driving on the wrong side of the road near Cheongdam-dong on June 12, around 2:55 a.m. and collided into a parked car when he was discovered by the police.

He then ran his car into the police vehicle trying to back out from the collision and drove away for about 300 meters before hitting a flowerbed. He abandoned his vehicle and fled the scene.

Kwon showed up at the police station two days later and underwent investigation for the accident.

He reportedly told the authorities, “The police car was following me and I got scared… I was not drunk driving.”

He was only charged for the hit-and-run since the police could not check his alcohol level at the time of the accident.

Meanwhile, Kwon’s agency released a press release on Friday, explaining that Kwon’s car had “slipped in the rain and collided into a parked car” and ran into the police vehicle while he was backing up his car to take necessary means to take care of the accident.

Kwon was trying to park his car in front of the wedding hall where the accident occurred, but hit a flowerbed in the parking lot. He then panicked and left the scene, but a source close to Kwon later showed up and admitted the accident.

The agency added that Kwon is “deeply regretting his mistake due to poor driving and his leaving the scene.”

Kwon has starred in several notable television dramas and films including “My Tutor Friend” (2003) and “Love, So Divine” (2004).

His most famous role to date however, was in the 2003 TV series “Stairway to Heaven”, which co-starred another Hallyu star Choi Ji-woo and became a smash hit throughout Asia.

He currently stars in the film “71 – Into The Fire,” which is based on the true story of 71 student soldiers who fought during the Korean War.

Photos of actors Lee Jun Ki and Lee Dong Wook preparing for the 60th Anniversary Korean War event slated for the 25th of this month have been leaked. The two have been selected to be a part of the photo gallery for the event.

From the looks of their more or less gaunt faces, it looks like the two actors are adapting to the military lifestyle. The pictures have stirred up discussion among the netizens, some saying that “the photo shoot feel can be sensed even when the actors are wearing their uniforms.”

Lee Jun Ki joined the army just last month and is currently working for the public relations department. Lee Dong Wook on the other hand, enlisted in the army last August and is heading the National Armed Forces Radio Broadcast.