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The singer had not sign any pre-nuptial agreement with hubby 36-year-old Coco Lee wedded her 52-year-old Canadian boyfriend, Bruce Rockowitz yesterday after an eight year courtship.

The wedding was held at Hong Kong’s Sky 100 and reportedly cost millions of dollars.

The wedding ceremony was conducted in traditional Jewish ritual and the venue was decorated with various white flowers to symbolise purity.

Coco’s guests included many popular Western singers and Taiwanese artistes like Elva Hsiao, Bowie Tseng and A-Ya. Elva, in particular, drew much attention while clad in a sexy red dress.

At 5.45pm, the band played Coco’s famous tune “Moonlight Lovers” to signify the start of the ceremony. Bruce entered with his 2 daughters from a previous marriage while Coco walked down the aisle with her mother.

Dressed in a wedding gown that was embellished with S$160,000 worth of pearls and jewellery, Coco was all smiles beside her groom. As Bruce is a Jew, he wore a traditional white Kipa.

After the exchange of wedding bands, a glass was broken in accordance to the Jewish belief that the sound of glass shattering signifies the beginning of a blissful married life.

The newlyweds shared a kiss when the ceremony ended.

A luxurious wedding banquet was then held at Ritz Carlton that night with 200 invited guests, where singers Jennifer Lopez and Bruno Mars took to the stage as guest performers at the wedding.

Speaking to the press later that night, the bride, who was dressed in a lovely golden evening gown, and clad in jewellery worth S$1.28 million, gushed, “During the ceremony, my heart was beating so fast and I almost cried. But I had to stop myself from crying by thinking of my dog at home, since a wedding is supposed to be a joyous occasion.”

When asked if Coco and Bruce had signed any pre-nuptial agreements, the couple shared that they will be sharing everything with each other, including all of their assets.


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Louis Koo Tin Lok two days ago fell at home. He went to the hospital for a x-ray yesterday and discovered a severe cruciate ligament tear that would require four months of doctor visits and physical therapy. Due to the severity of the injury, he was concerned that he would not be able to handle his new film production and offered his resignation to the film company. Both sides are still in negotiation.

Koo Tin Lok last year injured his right leg during a stunt for A CHINESE GHOST STORY (SIN NUI YAU WON) and required long term therapy. Months ago he just had an operation. Due to his decent recovery progress Goo Jai recently has been practicing horse riding in preparation for his new film next month, YANG CLAN WARRIORS (YUT MOON JUNG LIT ji YEUNG GA JEUNG).

The film’s boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming was quite close to Goo Jai and was worried about Koo Tin Lok’s injury. He hoped the most for him to recover soon. The film will start production in five days. With Koo Tin Lok’s less than optimistic condition, what would Wong Pak Ming do? He said, “Right now I keep calling. Of course I hope the most for Goo Jai to get well, but right now I am also thinking which actor is suitable. Because this just happened, I don’t know what the situation will be. (If Goo Jai resigns, would the film company suffer a great loss?) That’s minor, the most important for Goo Jai to be fine.”

Goo Jai originally did not want to publicize his injury, but when he attended an event in Guangzhou fans saw him with a cane and rumors spread like wildfire online. He was forced to publicize his injury.

During the event Huang Yi who has worked with Goo Jai twice took the initiative to help him around. She played Qiu Jin in the film THE WOMAN KNIGHT OF THE MIRROR LAKE (GAING HUNG NUI HUP CHAU KUN), which Qiu Jin has questioned the accuracy of. Huang Yi honestly said that she had no idea but felt that the film was full of sincerity and entertainment. She praised Qiu Jin as still a legendary woman today.

The actor has reportedly agreed on divorce, and a lawyer’s letter was sent to Cecilia Cheung

The five-year marriage between Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung is officially over.

The actor, who was said to have met his lawyers last week, has agreed to divorce Cecilia. She, in turn, received a rude shock when served the divorce papers.

Early last month, Cecilia, in a flurry of text message exchanges, was said to have threatened to divorce Nicholas. Nicholas, who is currently busy filming The Viral Factor in Kuala Lumpur, called her bluff, consulted his lawyers and has now agreed to the divorce.

Mani Fok, Nicholas’s manager, has yet to respond to this, while the actor’s assistant said, “I don’t know.”

Recently, netizens dug up yet another rumour that circulated in 2008 when Cecilia was embroiled in the photo scandal with Edison Chen. It was said that the Tse family then suspected that Lucas, the couple’s elder son, may not be Nicholas’s biological son and they had even sent him for a DNA test to verify who his father is.

Nicholas’s father, Patrick Tse, when asked to comment on this rumour, shouted in rage, stating that the rumour is untrue and he will not comment on the matter anymore.

On November 2nd, Barbie Hsu (Da S)’s ex-boyfriend, Vic Chou (仔仔/Zai Zai) was bombarded by paparazzi during his arrival at the airport where he would be flying to Shanghai for the filming of his new show. Vic Chou (仔仔) wearing a face mask looked tired, he kept his head bowed and refused to answer any questions. Barbie Hsu (Da S) was seen at the Shanghai Airport and was believed to be heading to the filming of her new show Da Wu Sheng (大武生).

Faced with different types of rumours, Barbie Hsu wrote on her blog saying, “Each life has the right to breathe fresh air, and the right to enjoy freedom. Of course you can choose to smell, but don’t affect others, you can choose to shut yourself out, if that’s the case, you should shut it tightly and don’t disturb others.” It was also reported that when she heard about the third party accusation on PTT Network Forum, Barbie Hsu (Da S) broke down and cried on the plane, and left Beijing with a forced smile.

Vic Chou (仔仔) is filming his show “Returning Home” in the mainland, the media witnessed him wearing cap and face mask arriving at Shanghai with his agent. There were quite a few fans gathered on site but Vic Chou (仔仔) did not interact with his fans, and after collecting his luggage, they promptly left.

Now that Barbie Hsu (Da S) is getting married, many people are waiting for Vic Chou’s (仔仔) response but his agent using the excuse that Vic Chou (仔仔) is busy with filming is being tight lipped about the whole thing. However, this Sunday the Taiwan media would be visiting the set in mainland China where Vic Chou (仔仔) is expected to give an official respond.

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and William Chan publicly admitted their relationship yesterday. The couple were working in Zhengzhou and yesterday returned Hong Kong. Their return is anticipating and attracted more than 50 reporters to come. Wearing sunglasses, Ah Sa appeared with sweet smiles all over her face. Originally refused to be interviewed, they finally agreed to stand still for photographs. William put his arm on Ah Sa’s shoulder and some people demand them to hold hands and kiss. Ah Sa backed away immediately and shout: “What?!”

They two answered questions from reporters while walking away. As for for ex-husband Ronald Cheng admits dating someone new, Ah Sa said: “If it’s true, I give my blessing to them! (See William as your marriage partner?) You even have to pass a probation period for your job. (Working as a couple?) What? It’s better not, it’s kinda scary. It’s more important to relax and be happy.” William expressed there’s no need to remove his “love tattoo” with Angelababy. Asked whether he worries she would face more pressure by opening up his relationship with Ah Sa? He said: “I think I’m strong enough to handle pressure. We received many people’s blessings these two days. We have to thank many artiste friends. Give your blessing to us, everyone!” Then the couple got on the car and left the airport. Ah Sa first went to the recording studio, then went to the office of EEG. Asked whether Ronald knows about her new love, she said: “Isn’t it on the newspaper?” Then she went back home to relax.

In addition, the couple accepted a radio interview on the phone. William frankly said he is feeling nervous and excited: “We have some experiences. Instead of hiding it, it’s better to open it up. (Finally sparked up after knowing each other for 7 years?) We have similar personalities. When I’m unhappy, we would chat, and that let us know each other more. I admire Ah Sa and her heart the most. Dang, it’s too nauseating!”

Ah Sa admitted it’s very hard for her to hide about her marriage. She hopes this time opening it can be more relaxing, and can do regular things on a date like eating out and watching movies. She said: “He changed me a lot. I’m more relaxed, not that stubborn, and won’t think too much. (You’re older?) We need courage to do many things, it’s not related to the age gap. When we’re older, we will feel it’s more important to be happy.”

How do you deal with a broken heart? Cecilia Cheung did it her way and got not just one, but two boob jobs.

According to reports by the Hong Kong media, Cecilia went through a frantic period of bust enhancement after breaking up with her then-boyfriend Nicholas Tse , before the pair’s reconciliation in 2006.

After steamy pictures of Cecilia surfaced in the Edison Chen sex scandal, netizens had asked in disbelief: How could someone so slim have C-cup breasts?

Friends of Cecilia had reportedly revealed that the mother of two had indeed gone through breasts enhancement surgery.

The actress had reportedly been too affected by the complex love triangle amongst Nicholas, Faye Wong and herself that she decided to work on her body.

However, the first surgery was not successful, and friends mocked her for having breasts shaped “illogically”.

A disappointed Cecilia then headed to Korea for a second reconstructive surgery on her assets.

Hong Kong singer-actor Edison Chen’s personal assistant revealed Tuesday that the star had recently flown to the United States to meet Lady Gaga to discuss collaborative opportunities for next year, reported Chinese media.

“Lady Gaga will embark on a series of activities in Asia next year. She knows that Edison is building up his fashion label in Asia and owns an entertainment company. She hopes to work with him,” said his assistant, known only as Mr Tay.

Tay went on to dispel rumours that Chen’s meeting with the flamboyant singer was to seek her help in creating his new album.

Chen’s assistant said that Lady Gaga was probably too busy with her own concerts at the moment to assist Chen with his album that is due to be released in November.

According to Tay, Chen had known Lady Gaga for many years and described her as a “hardworking, smart and opinionated artiste”.

He added that both Chen and Lady Gaga have long been admirers of each other’s sense of style.

Lending credence to Tay’s words was two of Chen’s latest blog posts.

On Saturday, he posted on his blog a photo of himself sitting cheek-to-cheek with Lady Gaga at a publicity event in Taiwan.

In another blog entry on Tuesday, Chen also thanked Lady Gaga and her management company Atomic Factory for awarding him special status when he attended her concert recently.

The Chinese-Canadian star’s 2008 sex photo scandal rocked the Asian entertainment industry and left both his career and reputation in shambles, forcing him to spend most of his time in the US since the incident.

Recently, Chen had been actively engineering his comeback, doing his best to promote his fashion label Clot and even managing to get big names like Jay Chou and M.C. Hotdog to write songs for his new album.

If Chen does manage to rope in the ultra-popular Lady Gaga, he will be one step closer to success in his bid to revive his showbiz career.

On July 28th, Daniel Wu and Lisa S. held a wedding cocktail party at the jockey club in Happy Valley, inviting four to five hundred of their friends to attend. Since getting married in a private ceremony in South Africa in April, Daniel Wu Yiu Cho has been busy filming non-stop. After wrapping up his latest movie in Hangzhou, and making endorsement appearances in China, Daniel finally had a free moment to hold his wedding banquet in Hong Kong.

Around 9 PM, Daniel and Lisa appeared at the jockey club’s entrance. Quickly surrounded by reporters, Daniel and Lisa shared their happiness openly. The couple kissed deeply and flaunted their wedding rings. Afterwards, they entered the venue and the wedding party officially started. Daniel booked a bi-level venue, with the top level offering a stage for friends’ to perform.
Daniel Wu sings to Lisa S. every day

Numerous celebrities attended Daniel and Lisa’s wedding party, including: Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Timmy Hung Tin Ming, Stephen Fung Tak Lun, Andrew Lin Hoi, Simon Yam Tat Wah, Alex Fong Chung Shun, Mok Ho Yan, Michael Wong Man Tak, Josie Ho Chiu Yee, Chapman To, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Sam Lee Chat Sum, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Zhang Jin, Cathy Chow Man Kei, Terrence Chan Chi Chung, etc. In attendance was also Media Asia’s Peter Lam.

Daniel Wu sings to Lisa S. every day

Hong Kong celebrities have a habit of getting married secretly and Daniel Wu is not an exception.

Earlier in April, Daniel tied the knot with long-time girlfriend, Lisa S. in far-flung South Africa.

Yesterday, the couple held a make-up wedding dinner in Hong Kong, inviting 450 guests to share in the joy. Daniel’s celebrity buddies Terence Yin and Andrew Lin were present. 24Herbs and Daniel’s own band were the guest performers that night.

Over 100 reporters were there to cover the event and more than 10 security personnel were activated to keep the situation controlled.

When interviewed, Daniel quipped that he did not dare to sing on-stage although his friends tried to goad him into doing it. Lisa then cut in, saying that Daniel sings to her every day!

Apparently, Daniel is a shower room singer and often sings Mariah Carey songs.

When asked about their future plans, Daniel joked that he will start trying for a baby beginning the next day. As for whether he wants a boy or girl, Daniel hopes for both a boy and a girl.

The couple has yet to go on their honeymoon although they only resume work in September. They have one more make-up dinner to throw in Las Vegas in August.

The lovebirds will go off to the Maldives only next year for their honeymoon.

BEIJING: Speaking for the first time about their life after marriage, Hong Kong actor Gallen Lo’s wife, Chinese actress Sophie Su, revealed that Lo is a warm and caring husband who learnt to cook just to make her happy.

During a television interview, Su said she told Lo before their wedding that she “didn’t want a celebrity, but a cook and an honest husband”.

After they tied the knot in Beijing in December last year, Lo, who had never cooked before in his 47 years of life, picked up cooking just for his new missus.

According to Su, Lo called his mom in Hong Kong to get recipes and cooking tips.

“He took down notes about what ingredients go in first and what ingredient follows. Now he can cook a whole table full of delicious dishes!” she gushed.

Su went on to reveal that Lo not only took care of the meals but also handled other chores, from doing the laundry to watering the flowers in the garden.

The 34-year-old actress added that Lo took frequent breaks from filming to spend time with her. He loving husband also sends her daily phone messages and calls to tell her his whereabouts.

Interestingly, while Lo appears to be the perfect husband now, he was reportedly extremely nervous during his marriage ceremony with Su.

According to the event’s master of ceremony Wang Dong, Lo was puffing away like a chimney just before the ceremony.

“There was a large pile of cigarette butts in the ash tray in front of him (Lo), which was so full it could not contain any more. But Lo kept stuffing more cigarette butts into it,” said Wang.

Lo later explained that he didn’t have a case of nerves due to the pressures of marriage, but smoked because he was exhausted from all the marriage preparations.

Lo’s marriage to Su is his second. He divorced his wife of 10 years Clare Fong in 2008. The couple have an 11-year-old son.

Su and Lo met in China while working on television series “Perfect Ending”. They dated for a year before getting engaged in January 2009.

Following the flurry of reports regarding the Jay Chou-Jolin Tsai collaboration, a Taiwanese magazine reported that it was a ring given to Jolin as a token of love that sparked the reunion.

According to a Taiwanese magazine, Jay has been working on the big revival for over six months, but had kept it a closely guarded secret for fear of news getting out and disrupting his ‘plans’.

“Since the break-up, it has always been Jay who kept contacting Jolin. Even Jay had asked her why she never takes the initiative,” said close associates.

It was also said that the duo kept their interactions strictly to phone-calls and messages, never meeting up in person so as to avoid the paparazzi.

Jay then reportedly won Jolin over with a Cartier Love series white gold ring, worth over S$5,000, and a promise to “marry her in the future”.

What was special about the ring is that when putting on the ring, it requires the couple to tighten the screws on the ring together, signifying the unity needed to secure a relationship.

While Jolin’s manager denied the reports and attributed the report to the media’s rich imagination, friends of Jolin seemed to take a different view.

“Whatever Jay asks of her, Jolin rarely turns him down and is very receptive to what he says. Although they have broken up, her actions suggest that she probably still has feelings for him.”