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New Delhi, Jan 18 (IANS) Bollywood’s boy-next-door Shahid Kapoor, who is working on his first film under the Yash Raj banner, is all praise for his co-star in the film, Rani Mukerji.

“I’m excited to be working with Rani. I have seen so many performances of hers and actually felt – ‘Now, that’s a performance!’. So working with an actor who has done such good work can be a great learning experience,” Shahid told IANS in an interview.

The young actor, who has been riding high on his success post hit film “Jab We Met”, is delighted by his association with Yashraj, the most sought after banner of the Hindi film industry.

“Only when you work in a Yashraj film, you understand why people want to get associated with the banner,” said Shahid. The as-yet-untitled film is under production.

“Their way of functioning is so professional. The kind of respect that is given to you, the way you are treated and the way work is done is just a fabulous experience,” he added. He was recently in the capital as the brand ambassador of Pioneer, electronic car audio and home theatre entertainment products.

Starting off his career by working in music videos and advertisements, Shahid made his Bollywood debut as a background dancer in Subhash Ghai’s “Taal”. After four years, he made his debut as a lead actor in “Ishq Vishk”, after which he got associated with films like “Fida”, “36 China Town”, “Chup Chup Ke”, “Vivah” and the highly lauded “Jab We Met”, among others.

Born to acclaimed actors Pankaj Kapoor and Neelima Azeem, Shahid says he is “fortunate” that he will soon be directed by his father, something that he always wished.

So is he nervous or excited about the project?

“A little of both. I consider myself very fortunate because I feel my father is the best actor in the industry – not one of the best. And to be directed by an actor who has worked for 30 years is simply great.”

“He is stepping down from acting for a few months to direct a film just for me. But I’ll make sure that he continues his acting after that, because he is just so good that it’s always a learning experience to see him on screen,” said Shahid.

The actor’s upcoming film “Kaminay”, directed by Vishal Bharadwaj, has attracted a lot of attention because of its unusual title and the efforts to keep Shahid’s look under wraps. Shahid has said it is the “role of a lifetime” for him.

“I think Vishal is one of the best directors I have worked with. Honestly, he has offered me the role of a lifetime. I feel very lucky that he chose me to do this part. It’s a very difficult and challenging part, however, very exciting at the same time and different from what I have done so far in my career,” elucidated the actor.

The actor is also doing his second film with director Ken Ghosh.

In spite of being one of the best dancers in Hindi filmdom, Shahid was extremely nervous before learning a new dance form called Krumping for Ghosh’s film “Yahoo”.

He said: “I am a huge fan of Justin Timberlake. I remember the first day of rehearsals with Justin’s choreographer Marty, suddenly I started getting sweaty hands and became nervous.”

“I was feeling that it’s very nice to see the videos of people and say that we too can dance like them. But when you actually get down to do that, it does make you feel a little nervous,” said Shahid.


SRK was present at the prestigious Golden Globe Awards and handed over the coveted trophy to winner Slumdog Millionaire amidst much pomp and show.


SRK was proud to represent Slumdog and said, I am very honored and at the same time I accept with full humility that I have not been called because of who I am, it is because Indian cinema is being looked upon with importance by the Western world now.

I just happen to be one of the faces of Bollywood and so they chose me. I am presenting the movie Slumdog Millionaire. First I was giving away an award but now I am presenting this film.”

Congratulation’s Slumdog Millionaire and Co. for winning the Globes.:)

It’s over for Harman-Priyanka


Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja, Bollywood’s cute couple have finally decided to head towards splitsvilla, according to reports.

A source says, “This time it’s confirmed.”

The couple bid adieu to their 3-year-old relationship due to many problems, the source adds, “There were problems between Priyanka and Harman earlier too but of late it had become very stressful to keep the relationship on an even keel. So much so that the two decided to call it off. However, both have decided to be friends and be cordial to each other at public events.”

Another source from the sets of their upcoming flick What’s your Rashee? reveals, “Priyanka and Harman remain holed up in their vans between shots. The two come face and face only when they are called for the shot.”

However during the shoot of Love Story 2050 Priyanka was always present for Harman and would lend him support even when she wasn’t required at the shoot.

The source adds, “Harman has yet to establish himself in the film industry, while Priyanka’s career is going great guns. All this complicated matters and distanced them further. The two decided to split gracefully and continue to be friends so that there is no awkwardness between them. Also being professionals, they shoot for Ashutosh Gowariker’s What’s Your Rashee? leaving their differences at home. Priyanka told Harman that they should remain good friends while they complete What’s Your Rashee?”

However Priyanka’s father Ashok Chopra gave a new twist to the relationship by saying, , “They were not together anyway.”

shahidShahid Kapoor in a candid interview talks about ex-Kareena Kapoor and alleged now Sania Mirza. Read below to know more…

Did the irony of your breakup with Kareena and the film’s(Jab we Met) success strike you?
It’s too glaring for me to not notice it.But that’s life for you. You can’t fight it. I’ve always accepted what life gives you. I think what defines my life is not what happens to me but how I deal with it.

Do questions on Kareena make you uncomfortable?
No. It’s been a year now. The pain has receded. See, I know that as an actor I’m not allowed to have my complete privacy even if I wanted to. I try to keep my personal life to myself.

I want to stay connected with the person I am. I want to be in a real world. Sometimes in our world we’re pulled into an illusory state. I want to stay normal. I’ll do as much as possible to uphold my privacy.

Is Sania Mirza a part of your private space?
I don’t like talking about her. But yes, we do know each other, we’re friends and we’re in touch. A lot of people have been speculating about my personal life. And I’ve always said I’m a normal person.

If I’m in a relationship I won’t be sitting in a room alone. I’ll go out with the person I’m in a relationship with. So people will get to know if something is on without giving details.

Since you’re seen with Ms Mirza does one conclude you’re seeing her?
I go out with a lot of friends. But she’s a well-known face. So when I’m seen with her it becomes a matter of discussion. Beyond that I’ll hold on to my privacy.

Did the light hearted mood of Kismat Connection help you get over your break-up with Kareena?
More than the film, I had my family and friends who helped me get over that phase. I don’t think a film can do it for me.

Shahid with Kareena or Shahid with Sania. Eeew Fugly!!!

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Britney Spears is now rumored dating the Bollywood dancer, Sandip Soparrkar, who choreographed her Womanizer video, and who she met at a party thrown by Madonna.


Supposedly they’ve already been to India. Spears was previously rumored to be alternately crushing hard on ex-husband Kevin Federline or ex-boyfriend-and-paparazzo Adnan Ghalib.


After Julia Roberts who thought Aishwarya Rai was one of the most beautiful women in the world with green eyes, now its Nicole Kidman who has gone ga ga over our desi beauty.
Nicole reportedly said, “I’m a fan of Aishwarya Rai and her film ‘Bride and Prejudice’. I got to meet Aishwarya for the first time at the 2005 Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World dinner held in New York City. I think she’s so beautiful.”

She sure is!

Saif Ali Khan hospitalised

Mumbai, Dec 25 (IANS) Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan was Thursday admitted to the Lilavati hospital here after he complained of pain in his abdomen, hospital sources said.

“He is suffering from an intestine infection. The doctors are still conducting the tests. He will have to remain in the hospital for a few days,” a hospital source told IANS.

In 2006, Saif underwent surgery in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. He had complained of pain in the abdomen then too and the doctors had diagnosed he was suffering from appendicitis.

Its said that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was supposed to be there in Dostana but she decided to drop out on her own.

When asked she said that it was her decison drop out coz she felt that the film was actually based on the chemistry and the rapport that John and Abhishekh share. Its not about her love story.

She personally felt that if she would be in the film then the entire focus would be on her and Abhishekh and the main story of the film would be sidelined.

The viewers wold start expecting a love story between them and the fun space and chemistry between Abhishekh John would be neglected.

She also said that as the movie was supposed to be filmed back then and be her first release after marriage she did not want the viewers to start assuming things.

They were seen together in Sarkar Raj but in a serious role but Dostana being a light and funfilled film she did not want to spoil the fun so she decided to walk out.

When asked about the kissing scene between John and Abhishekh all she had to say was finally all that mattered was if the viewers enjoyed the film or not.