Singer Lee Hyori has shown her support for Mnet‘s new program, ‘Show Me the Money‘.

After the program aired its pilot episode on June 22nd, which featured the preliminary rounds, Lee Hyori took to Twitter to show her support for the program.

“I seem to still like hip-hop,” she wrote. “‘Show me The Money’ is so fun to watch’.”

Upon seeing her message, Shin Hyung Kwan, the PD of ‘Show Me the Money’, retweeted the post and wrote, “Ah! Ms. Hyori is also watching ‘Show Me the Money’!”

Hyori replied back with, “Feel free to contact me if you need me, by any chance. I would like to perform together with Illtong,” and the PD wrote, “We’d be honored if you participate! We’ll contact you through PD Kim Hye Young!”

‘Show Me the Money’ is Mnet’s first hip-hop program since 2000-2004′s ‘Hip Hop the Vibe‘. Miryo, Verbal Jint, Garion, Double K, Joosuc, Hoony Hoon, MC Sniper, and 45RPM oversaw the auditions of 1,000 rookie rappers, 21 of whom will be chosen to continue on and compete in the show.