Katrina Kaif has never admitted of her relationship with Salman Khan in the past eight years. They have acted together and she was like a permanent fixture at his place, but she always maintained that they were good friends. However, on Tuesday she finally admitted in a daily that she has split with the Dabangg actor.

An industry source revealed, “On Monday, an article in a morninger carried quotes from a very old interview of Kat, in which she had spoken about her closeness with Salman. This did upset the actress, who is trying very hard to maintain a professional relation with her ex.”

The actress made a few calls to her higher-ups in the industry and said that she wanted to clear the air about Salman. The following day she gave an interview where she admitted of her split with Salman and it was flashed on the front page of the tabloid under the title: For the first time.

So, now the question comes: Why did Katrina finally come clean about Salman? An insider says, “That interview made matters embarrassing for her. She is dating Ranbir now, and the Kapoor Khandaan have welcomed her into their fold. How would she explain an interview about Salman being a ‘4 am friend’?”

Her confession about her break-up was a face-saving attempt.

A close source to the actress added, “When Kat read an article about Salman and her closeness, she was very upset. She does not want to send out the wrong signals to Ranbir or his family. She is not with Sallu anymore. Though Salman and Kat broke up long ago, they continue to be friends. She appreciates all that he has done for her, and they will always be there for one another. After the latest being human show he even asked her to party with his friends, but she denied it as she had an early morning flight. Though Kat and Salman are still in touch with one another, but they are no more romantically involved and she does not want to give a wrong impression to anyone.”

So, we guess the message is perfectly clear!