How do you deal with a broken heart? Cecilia Cheung did it her way and got not just one, but two boob jobs.

According to reports by the Hong Kong media, Cecilia went through a frantic period of bust enhancement after breaking up with her then-boyfriend Nicholas Tse , before the pair’s reconciliation in 2006.

After steamy pictures of Cecilia surfaced in the Edison Chen sex scandal, netizens had asked in disbelief: How could someone so slim have C-cup breasts?

Friends of Cecilia had reportedly revealed that the mother of two had indeed gone through breasts enhancement surgery.

The actress had reportedly been too affected by the complex love triangle amongst Nicholas, Faye Wong and herself that she decided to work on her body.

However, the first surgery was not successful, and friends mocked her for having breasts shaped “illogically”.

A disappointed Cecilia then headed to Korea for a second reconstructive surgery on her assets.