It’s the end of another complicated chapter in Salman Khan’s always eventful love life, if he’s being serious that is. Salman said in a TV interview recently that he had broken up with Katrina. Sallu added that they were friends earlier and are now as well. He got philosophical saying that splits happen because people go different ways, grow in different ways, or because of different sensibilites. He said it was good if friendship could be maintained even after a split.

Meanwhile, it’s plain to see that the star’s now playing mentor to his new Bollywood muse – his ‘Dabangg’ co-star Sonakshi Sinha. Sonakshi’s already signed another movie with Arbaaz Khan’s production company opposite Salman. And now Salllu has recommended her to his producer pal Sajid Nadiadwala for the movie ‘Kick’.

Of course, Salman is the hero, and apparently Sajid had thought of casting Deepika Padukone opposite him. But Salman is supposed to have suggested Sonakshi’s name, and so she’s been offered the role.

And Salman and Sonakshi have been bonding apart from their movie roles too. They’re both interested in painting and Sonakshi has been saying that whenever she found Salman painting, she would start painting as well. She added that their painting styles were quite similar.

So what will all this acting-painting bonding lead to, now that Salman is single? Watch this space for updates.