Hong Kong singer-actor Edison Chen’s personal assistant revealed Tuesday that the star had recently flown to the United States to meet Lady Gaga to discuss collaborative opportunities for next year, reported Chinese media.

“Lady Gaga will embark on a series of activities in Asia next year. She knows that Edison is building up his fashion label in Asia and owns an entertainment company. She hopes to work with him,” said his assistant, known only as Mr Tay.

Tay went on to dispel rumours that Chen’s meeting with the flamboyant singer was to seek her help in creating his new album.

Chen’s assistant said that Lady Gaga was probably too busy with her own concerts at the moment to assist Chen with his album that is due to be released in November.

According to Tay, Chen had known Lady Gaga for many years and described her as a “hardworking, smart and opinionated artiste”.

He added that both Chen and Lady Gaga have long been admirers of each other’s sense of style.

Lending credence to Tay’s words was two of Chen’s latest blog posts.

On Saturday, he posted on his blog a photo of himself sitting cheek-to-cheek with Lady Gaga at a publicity event in Taiwan.

In another blog entry on Tuesday, Chen also thanked Lady Gaga and her management company Atomic Factory for awarding him special status when he attended her concert recently.

The Chinese-Canadian star’s 2008 sex photo scandal rocked the Asian entertainment industry and left both his career and reputation in shambles, forcing him to spend most of his time in the US since the incident.

Recently, Chen had been actively engineering his comeback, doing his best to promote his fashion label Clot and even managing to get big names like Jay Chou and M.C. Hotdog to write songs for his new album.

If Chen does manage to rope in the ultra-popular Lady Gaga, he will be one step closer to success in his bid to revive his showbiz career.