On July 28th, Daniel Wu and Lisa S. held a wedding cocktail party at the jockey club in Happy Valley, inviting four to five hundred of their friends to attend. Since getting married in a private ceremony in South Africa in April, Daniel Wu Yiu Cho has been busy filming non-stop. After wrapping up his latest movie in Hangzhou, and making endorsement appearances in China, Daniel finally had a free moment to hold his wedding banquet in Hong Kong.

Around 9 PM, Daniel and Lisa appeared at the jockey club’s entrance. Quickly surrounded by reporters, Daniel and Lisa shared their happiness openly. The couple kissed deeply and flaunted their wedding rings. Afterwards, they entered the venue and the wedding party officially started. Daniel booked a bi-level venue, with the top level offering a stage for friends’ to perform.
Daniel Wu sings to Lisa S. every day

Numerous celebrities attended Daniel and Lisa’s wedding party, including: Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Timmy Hung Tin Ming, Stephen Fung Tak Lun, Andrew Lin Hoi, Simon Yam Tat Wah, Alex Fong Chung Shun, Mok Ho Yan, Michael Wong Man Tak, Josie Ho Chiu Yee, Chapman To, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Sam Lee Chat Sum, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Zhang Jin, Cathy Chow Man Kei, Terrence Chan Chi Chung, etc. In attendance was also Media Asia’s Peter Lam.

Daniel Wu sings to Lisa S. every day

Hong Kong celebrities have a habit of getting married secretly and Daniel Wu is not an exception.

Earlier in April, Daniel tied the knot with long-time girlfriend, Lisa S. in far-flung South Africa.

Yesterday, the couple held a make-up wedding dinner in Hong Kong, inviting 450 guests to share in the joy. Daniel’s celebrity buddies Terence Yin and Andrew Lin were present. 24Herbs and Daniel’s own band were the guest performers that night.

Over 100 reporters were there to cover the event and more than 10 security personnel were activated to keep the situation controlled.

When interviewed, Daniel quipped that he did not dare to sing on-stage although his friends tried to goad him into doing it. Lisa then cut in, saying that Daniel sings to her every day!

Apparently, Daniel is a shower room singer and often sings Mariah Carey songs.

When asked about their future plans, Daniel joked that he will start trying for a baby beginning the next day. As for whether he wants a boy or girl, Daniel hopes for both a boy and a girl.

The couple has yet to go on their honeymoon although they only resume work in September. They have one more make-up dinner to throw in Las Vegas in August.

The lovebirds will go off to the Maldives only next year for their honeymoon.