Aila! Shahid is a girl!!! Bollywood babes better watch out. Well, the actor will be seen in a short skirt and pink top in Boney Kapoors Milenge Milenge that will release this Friday.

Satish Kaushik, the director of the film said, “I didn’t have to convince him at all. He was absolutely cool with dressing up as a girl. And he did carry off the outfit very well”.

Revealing a bit about the scene, Satish says, “The first time that a hero and heroine set eyes on each other is an important moment in every movie. This time around, we have treated it differently. In the movie, Shahid and his friends are trying to sneak into the girls’ hostel for one of their friends girlfriend’s birthday. Obviously they can’t walk in as guys, so they decide to change their look drastically. And the makeover results in the guys becoming girls. So when Shahid and Kareena meet for the first time, they meet as two girls, he laughs”

Hmmm… Shahid looked every bit a siren. Can’t wait to watch this flick..