Following the flurry of reports regarding the Jay Chou-Jolin Tsai collaboration, a Taiwanese magazine reported that it was a ring given to Jolin as a token of love that sparked the reunion.

According to a Taiwanese magazine, Jay has been working on the big revival for over six months, but had kept it a closely guarded secret for fear of news getting out and disrupting his ‘plans’.

“Since the break-up, it has always been Jay who kept contacting Jolin. Even Jay had asked her why she never takes the initiative,” said close associates.

It was also said that the duo kept their interactions strictly to phone-calls and messages, never meeting up in person so as to avoid the paparazzi.

Jay then reportedly won Jolin over with a Cartier Love series white gold ring, worth over S$5,000, and a promise to “marry her in the future”.

What was special about the ring is that when putting on the ring, it requires the couple to tighten the screws on the ring together, signifying the unity needed to secure a relationship.

While Jolin’s manager denied the reports and attributed the report to the media’s rich imagination, friends of Jolin seemed to take a different view.

“Whatever Jay asks of her, Jolin rarely turns him down and is very receptive to what he says. Although they have broken up, her actions suggest that she probably still has feelings for him.”