Sometimes media over-reacts to certain things happening in and around the filmy world. The recent hyperbole was the Bachchan bahu episode. I’m sure you might be aware about her pregnancy stories but rumour-mongers never seem to have enough of her.

Gossip has it that, Aishwarya is pregnant. This gossip started off after she was spotted with a baby bump during the promotion of her forthcoming release Raavan with her husband Abhishek. The news is doing the rounds that the actress, who is known for her perfect figure, has put on lots of weight, specially in the abdomen.

However, the Bachchans have not announced the good news yet. They had earlier blasted a newspaper for falsely reporting that Aishwarya couldn’t conceive because of stomach tuberculosis.
Well, it looks like the news of ‘Aishwarya’s baby bump’ is just a rumor!