Nicholas Tse has recently been promoted as the father of two children. Hacken Lee is also father of two, and he has sent his congratulation to Nicholas. Hacken disclosed that he is calling it a day now, in fact, his second son Alex was by “accident”.

Hacken, Louis Cheung, Joey Tang and HotCha attended “Happy home network launch carnivals” yesterday. Hacken told reporter he has sent a text message to congratulate Deborah as well. He said an extra member in the family would bring more happiness. However, he is not having anymore children as two is enough. Reporter asked since he has two boys, is he hoping for another girl? He quickly replied that his hands are tied up at the moment. Hacken said “In fact, my second son was not planned.” Hacken went on to say that he will get back to his work as from this month. His older child is nearly two and has can talk a lot now. He knows how to express himself when he is not happy, in particular, when he leaves for work. Hacken added “Most parents want to give their children the best, but the best they can do is to spend more quality time with their children.”