Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun-Fat may have an heir to his fortune (worth some S$180 million) after all.

Chow and Singaporean wife Jasmine Tan have been married for 24 years but have no children of their own. They stopped trying for a baby after Jasmine tragically miscarried in 1991.

The veteran actor’s mother had once suggested to him to get a surrogate mother and offered to pay as much as S$180,000, recent reports said.

The longtime childless couple were in Taiwan where Chow is promoting his upcoming epic Confucius. Despite his sombre attire of a full black outfit topped with a black cap, Chow, 54, warmly greeted his cheering fans at the airport on Tuesday.

When reporters asked Jasmine, 50, if they have plans to adopt, she simply answered, “We have. 20 years ago.”

Chow later added that he makes donations to an orphanage every month.

Reporters were also curious if Chow’s co-star, Chinese actress Zhou Xun, is pregnant. He, however, denied such claims and immediately left for the five-star Sherwood Hotel.

That evening, the couple dined at a famous restaurant in Civic Boulevard, with Taiwanese actress Joe Chen playing host.

Joe, the leading lady of such hit idol dramas as The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog and You’re My Destiny became friends with both Chow and Jasmine through common friends. Previously when she was in Hong Kong, the pair had given her a warm reception, and this time she is returning the favour.