On KBS 2TV ‘Yeoumanman’ on 15, Rain MBLAQ comment on the joke that makes the material. Rookie Group produced this Rain had said on the show Star Golden Bell that they sunbae then avoid them for 3 days because MBLAQ not want to go with Rain for food late at night because they were not hungry and was training. Rain pundung and not even talk to MBLAQ for 3 days. Rain makes the audience laugh for saying, “I think you guys (MBLAQ) was pleased to make people laugh with a joke about me, but I will punish you as soon as I arrived in Seoul. Perhaps your second album will be impossible to complete. Maybe I’ll choose someone other than you. ” He continued the joke with a straight face, “I always told you that eating was the only one who can make me happy, very annoying if you are not supportive of me.” Rain also said, “I hope my next movie could be number one at the box office in 5 years or 1 decade.”