It seems that CTS wants to heat up Friday nights. After Zai Zai’s ‘Black & White’ received good ratings, they will now pass the baton to Jay Chou’s self-directed, self-produced & guest starring ‘Pandamen’. Not only does it star Jerry Yan, Wilber Pan, Shawn Yue & Will Liu, his rumoured girlfriend Jessie Chiang is also one of the female leads. It seems that Jay Chou wants to prove that not only does he support his best friends, he also cares for his girlfriend.

Currently during the 10 pm slot on Friday nights, besides CTV’s ‘One Million Star’, FTV, SETTV & CTS are all broadcasting television series. CTS broadcasted Golden Bell favourite ‘Black & White’ and the ratings remained high. And after CTS bought the broadcasting rights of Jay Chou’s big work ‘Pandamen’, there were outside rumours saying that it was impossible for it to air on the known ‘cold’ Friday nights. However after careful assessment, they decided to keep to their decision, and it is now confirmed that the drama will air on the 22nd of January next year.

Jay Chou previously said that ‘Pandamen’ is a television series filmed like a movie. The production fees are estimated to surpass $100 million. In the drama, Jay plays a valiant police detective, but his scenes are much less than Nan Quan Mama’s Yu Hao & Devon (Dan Tou) who are the main leads. But Jay says loyally: “If I have a lot of scenes, then what are they supposed to do?”

In the drama, Jay’s rumoured girlfriend Jessie Chiang plays ‘JVR Music’ teacher but she doesn’t have many scenes with Jay. Rather she plays a couple with Yu Hao, but there are not many intimate scenes between them, seeming to show Jay’s ‘over-protectiveness’.

Because ‘Pandamen’ has many scenes filmed in the zoo, CTS is planning on organizing a charity event with the city zoo.