It seems that rumours of Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung’s miscarriage were true after all.

Well-known Hong Kong DJ Cha Xiao Xin, who is a close friend of Cheung’s husband, actor Nicholas Tse , revealed in a newspaper column that the actress had even miscarried twice. The couple have a two-year-old son, Lucas.

“Cecilia has been eager to have a second child. Unfortunately she had two miscarriages, so she is extremely careful now that she is pregnant again. She has been resting at home and I have not seen her carrying Lucas for several months,” wrote Cha.

In September last year, Cheung’s family blasted reports that the 29-year-old actress had suffered a miscarriage.

According to Hong Kong media reports, a close friend of the actress revealed that the baby’s heart had stopped suddenly, forcing her to get an abortion.

Cheung reportedly had a skin allergy in her first trimester which was caused by imbalances in her hormonal and immune system.

Since the birth of Lucas, Cheung has been a devoted homemaker and Cha said there is little hope that she will make a comeback to showbiz.

Cha said that Tse once told her, “She [Cheung] is filming, I am also filming, who is going to look after this family?” adding that his tone seemed to indicate that he doesn’t want her to return to showbiz.

And Cheung, being an obedient wife, will listen to everything Tse says.

“She loves him too much. I remember she once said to me, in tears, ˜I love him too much. I am afraid of losing him,” said Cha.