chun1-1“In relationships you can’t demand for total perfection, towards the other half you need to “leave it to nature” !” Wu Chun a few days ago accepted an interview for the August edition of “bella man”, revealing his own philosophy in love, he said most couples dating because of time passing feelings can be lost, so you shouldn’t demand too much, because perfection doesn’t exist.

If I love the other person I will give them another opportunity

Wu Chun facing anything will face it seriously, putting all his efforts into it, talking about love he also believes the same. If he was ever betrayed, would he choose to forgive them? He said he has never betrayed or has been betrayed before, but if he still had feelings for her, he would give them one more chance, ” If you can return to the love that it was before, I will of course be willing to try again and see!”