salman-khan-katrina-kaifActress Katrina Kaif has finally come out the closet and accepted she and Salman Khan are together. In fact it’s Katrina who is making Salman to wait for the marriage.

In an interview with the well known magazine, Katrina spoke boldly about her relationship with the macho man of Bollywood. Earlier Katrina used to ignore all these questions with the smile. But now she has come forth with her relationship disclosing some saucy details. So much in love with the actor, she carries his picture all the time. She later added that Salman is a very wonderful person.

Katrina also dismissed over-possessiveness of Sallu towards her and told that she is extremely happy with him. And what about the marriage? Though Sallu is ready, she is making him to wait as she explained.

Well its a known fact that Salman and Katrina are an item, but it just official now with confirmation from Kat herself.