20090807_parkbomparis_572Two celebrities have been spotted wearing the same outfit! This time ilovejaebeom noticed 2NE1’s Park Bom and heiress Paris Hilton both donning a roses and airplane patterned leotard. Well you could also say it’s a bathing suit, but for the sake of both fashionistas I will identify it as a leotard.

Now, I know some of us were doubting Park Bom’s stylist when 2NE1’s teaser for Fire came out, but trust me her stylist has some insight! When you think of leotards you probably think of ballerinas in tutus strutting around right? Well believe it or not (believe it!) leotards have always been somewhat ‘fashionable’ and it’s definitely making it’s mark this year! Fashion eccentrics Lady Gaga and Lily Allen are only some of the celebrities that have been sporting them. So cut Park Bom some slack cause most times the wildest and weirdest outfits are the ones walking down the runway.

Since leotards are skin tight and come in a variety of colors there are multiple ways of how you can wear them. Park Bom wears them over tights and with a jacket while Paris keeps it simple tucked into her shorts. I know people have a bad impression of Paris but you gotta admit, her outfit’s pretty cute. But honestly, who do you think pulls it off better?

Park Bom wearing it during 2NE1’s street version of ‘Fire’