20090713_psy_572Actress Park Sun Young, famous for her roles in various dramas like Winter Bird and 101st Propose, revealed that she has been dating a diplomat / envoy for six years now. Just last August, she was caught up in a rumor that she was getting married, but she denied it saying that it was not true.

Who is this lucky man? He is currently working as a translator under Korea’s President, Lee Myung Bak. Not only that, but in 2003, he even worked with the UN in New York City! This man has the brain, the job, and a hot girl-friend / wife-to-be? What a life!

Even after 6 years, Park Sun Young and the mystery man are not ready for marriage. However, they did announce that they may be getting married in one or two years! If everything goes well, we will witness yet another female actress saying good-bye to her bachelorette years!