david taoFor his 40th birthday, Taiwanese singer David Tao wished for a wife but has no suitable woman in mind yet.

Currently amidst album production, Tao’s schedule is already falling back after being sick for three weeks in June. To make himself feel better for spending his birthday working on album production for the second year running, Tao said he will celebrate his birthday for the entire month of July, and enjoy himself even more after wrapping up with his album production on July 20.

Tao’s father commented, “It’ll be very expensive for us. I have to keep sending gifts.” To which Tao replied that his family and friends only have to send one gift, but jokingly threatened those who have not to do so soon.

Knowing that he has always wanted to make films, Tao’s friends gave him a 16mm film camera for a present. For the son who idolizes the Beatles, Tao’s father gave him a bolster with Beatles prints.

With schedules packed and no time to upkeep his image, Tao, who turned 40 last Saturday, celebrated his birthday one day in advance with unkempt hair. The entire celebration was recorded and uploaded onto the Internet.