Jerry - EllaEvery time Jerry Yan accepted a new role, he would almost always be rumored to be in conflict with the female lead. From [Da S] Barbie Hsu to the recently romantically linked Terri Kwan, it was like that too. The day before yesterday, he was doing a scene with Ella in which he was to reach out his hand to comfort her. However, as soon as the director yelled �CUT�, he turned his head and started to make a grimacing expression that seemed to suggest a feeling of abhorrence towards her. That made people curious about the relationship of these off screen. To this, Jerry�s manager, Fenny expressed that Jerry had good interactions with Ella off screen. He also felt very comfortable around her. Therefore, the expression was probably just a matter of camera angle.

Quickly Turned Around with a Grimance after Finishing Scene

In the afternoon of June 9th, Jerry Yan, Michael Zhang and Ella were at Nei-hu shooting the new drama [Down with Love]. Jerry, dressed in a suave white shirt and heat-absorbing black pants, was filming under the 30 degree bright sun. It was so hot that whenever he had spare time in between takes, he would be holding a drink and sat chatting with Michael Zhang. By his side, there was even someone holding a huge umbrella to give him shade, fully demonstrated the grand style of a male lead.

Later Jerry shot a scene with Ella. In the scene, she was to look at him without any expression while he reached out a friendly hand in a show of friendship to ease the tension. However, it was not known whether he was feeling impatient because as soon as the scene ended, he immediately turned his head and made a grimacing expression. Also by flinging his head, he produced the unexpected effect of looking like Hanawa in the cartoon [Chibi Maruko-chan].

Manager: Impossible to have Rumors of Conflict between the Two

Jerry�s manager expressed that off screen, Jerry often joked around with Ella because Ella was very bubbly and approachable. When doing scenes together, the two developed a tacit understanding very quickly. Their first scene together happened to be at a basketball court and they even planned to play basketball together but did not when the director called for them to continue shooting. Normally they would also recommend to each other where to find good food places. Filming that day also went very well. Therefore, there was no way to have rumors of conflict between the two.