Hii everybody,

I just want to tell a story about what happen to me tonight (Spore lady)
Please read this, will be very very very IMPORTANT to you guys

Especially all the SINGAPOREAN ppl or FOREIGNERS that go to Singapore or are located in Singapore

304 ORCHAD ROAD #B1 – 87/88

Please don’t ever buy things from this store (They sell electronics, specialised in DIGITAL CAMERA)

I bought a PHILIPS Shaver, they sold to me for S$85
The next thing I know, I saw the same stuff at WATSON, and they sell it for S $39.90

Once I knew about this, I went back to the store and complain

I talked to the same sales person that sale the shaver to me

*He said, “I’m sorry, we cannot help you, you should have known about this before you pay, because we only do sales”*I asked them to give me a solution about how to handle this Seems the sales person that had sale the shaver to me, didn’t want to answer me anything So I went to the other sales person
He was serving ! a customer while I try to talked to him about this (which I wish the guy don’t buy the camera there) Of course my voice tone to be frank a little bit high, and I bang the stuff on the table glass display and asked for solution

And what he did after this you all never could believe this *He THROW my shaver out from the store and the thing banged to the wall and dropped on the floor* then he said “See there take your stuff, has spoiled already, I don’t care”

Then I try to called the police, but when they came the store quickly closed the place
However, the police say they cannot do anything, since all the ppl from the store has left the store
What I can do is only report to CASE (CONSUMER ASSOCIATION OF SINGAPORE ) tell: 64631811

They cannot do anything, if I want to sue the store I need to hire a lawyer! and pay with my own money
So please guys, if any from you has this kind of thing happen to you
Like overcharged or they treated you like shit, you can help the government to report this thing to CASE ( http://www.case.org.sg/)

So then when they got enough complaints the CASE can close the place down
Please read this and help to pass on to help us as a customer to be treated nicer

Hope this thing could never happen to you all, And one more thing, don’t ever buy stuff from this particular store at LUCKY PLAZA Locals will NEVER go to LUCKY PLAZA to shop for ELECTRONICS. Lucky Plaza is quite famous for their hard sell tactics and for RIPPING OFF (cheating) customers. Take it as a lesson learnt and next time avoids it at all costs.