Siapa2 yg ker miri or k kk baik th berhati2. Sayang $. derma pasal pirated CD.

Friend confirmed this is true, pls be careful.

Please do not keep any pirated or burned CDs, DVDs, or VCDs in your car.

Police and Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs Ministry’s enforcement division have started the operation to search and fine anyone who keep pirated disc inside their car especially through road block at all main road and expressways.

If any pirated or burned disc found inside your car be charged RM400 per disc. Example 30 discs found means the fine will be RM12,000. So be extra caution & careful….

Remove all pirated CD from your car immediately. One CD fine RM400.


This is real. Another friend from Seagate, today during lunch time, 5 CD x RM400, 2K lor……..

One of the Plexus colleague brother-in-law caught by Police due to pirated CD in the car on the way to town for lunch with his friend in the afternoon. One CD fined RM400..oh no..