stefanie-sun_17840The Taiwanese singer was invited to join Sun on her concert tour, “The Answer Is… Stefanie Sun World Tour 2009”, which kicked off in Taipei on Saturday. It also featured guest appearances by Taiwan pop princess Jolin Tsai and Mayday frontman Ashin .

The displeasure towards Yang was already evident on the first night of the concert. The lively atmosphere immediately toned down when Sun introduced her guest on stage and soon a small number of fans were seen making their way to the washroom.

On the second night, the number increased ten-fold. Almost 2,000 fans left their seats and headed towards the washroom in a ‘protest’, resulting in an awkward moment. But Yang maintained his professionalism and remained calm throughout his performance.

Yang first shot to fame in 2007 on the first season of Taiwanese TV singing competition “One Million Stars”. He was one of the most popular contestants and was also a hot favourite to win the competition until it was discovered that he had falsified his age. Yang subsequently quit the competition.

Following the scandal, Yang was also embroiled in a contractual dispute with his manager and Sun’s fans felt he wasn’t worthy of a guest spot on her concert tour due to all the bad press.

Last week’s ‘protest’ has riled Yang’s fans who spent over NT$1.3 million (S$65,000) to support him at Sun’s shows.

His fans, also known as ‘Doves’ – which is the title of Yang’s debut album – have questioned the behaviour Sun’s fans on an online forum saying, “Is this how a host treats their guest? Common sense should still prevail.” They then went on to proclaim that they will boycott Sun’s albums.

Sun, 31, has claimed that she was unaware of the ‘protests’ as she was backstage changing.

The Singapore leg of “The Answer Is… Stefanie Sun World Tour 2009” will be held July 11 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.