Little Big Soldier

The posters for the movie in which Jackie Chan produced and acted in, ‘Little Big Soldier’, has made its first high profile exposure in Cannes, its title printed on in English.

‘Little Big Soldier’ has been in preparation for 20 years, and had always been a great ambition of Jackie Chan to sucessfully produce it. However, this time, Jackie Chan has also invited Wang lee Hom to collaborate with him, and the two posing in the poster for the movie, gives an impression that the movie might have a comedic take in its big budget, period war films that has always been a norm in Asian screens.

The posters for the movie depics ‘Big Soldier’ Jackie Chan, and ‘little Soldier’ Lee Hom, both with somewhat comedic expressions depicted on their features. The poster shows both of them on the front line of a war, completely piquing a passer-by’s curiosity. Jackie even has a yellow bird perched on his head, further adds the comedic effect on the poster, and the background of a war taking place contrasts with the two at the front, hinting that despite the movie having exciting war scenes taking place, Jackie Chan’s trademark comedic scenes are not lost in its production.

‘Little Big Soldier’ is now in its exciting post-production period