ekin chengEkin Cheng not admitting living with Yoyo Mung

Ekin Cheng as “Neighborhood Ambassador” attended the “Dragon Boat Rowing Oath-Taking Ceremony” yesterday. He was learning how to make the festive dumpling with a group of people with disabilities. They were working so well together. Ekin also read out the oath with them as well as giving them the oar to wish them all the best for the boat race.

Ekin participated in last year’s race and this year, he will take his spare time to practice rowing. He confessed “Last year, I didn’t practice at all, but our team came 3rd. This year, I am going to practice hard and hopefully, we will win.” Ekin went on to say that he hasn’t started any water sport this year. He said “The fortune teller and my friend both told me not to take part in dangerous sport. No matter what sport I take, I have to be very careful.”

Ekin had his pictures taken by the paparazzi when he was having a meal with his friends.