Priyanka is constantly ill these days and her recent hospitalization is being blamed on alleged beau Shahid Kapoor.

A source reveals, “Shahid and Priyanka started seeing each other right from the second schedule of the film. Priyanka hadn’t even dumped Harman Baweja, but as Shahid had a more promising career than his, she latched on to Shahid. It was during Shahid’s birthday party where the trouble started. Priyanka was enjoying her vodka shots, and Shahid, a staunch follower of Radhasoami, disapproved of it. They had a tiff, and mind you, this was just the beginning.”

“The couple then constantly bickered over Priyanka’s partying as Shahid, as opposed to her, is an introvert. Then they had a major showdown one evening when Priyanka had a few drinks again. Their fight turned so ugly that it affected the already stressed Priyanka. She fainted on the sets of her film and had to be admitted to the hospital.”

“Priyanka Chopra has only signed YRF’s film with Uday Chopra in recent times. Her hits have not transferred to work with major banners. Her next release after Kaminey is with Harman Baweja who unfortunately is yet to make his mark and that’s the reason, she does not want to break off her new relationship with Shahid.”

However Priyanka’s father laughed off these rumors, “This is hardly true. Priyanka is perfectly fine now and is back to shooting,” he said.

Methinks these are just rumors, a head and heart strong girl like Priyanka who can move on from Hurman with so much ease wouldn’t be bother about such kinda stuff.