jay-chouKung fu epic “Ip Man” produced dazzling results and a sequel will be made. Taiwanese pop idol Jay Chou, a Bruce Lee’s fan, will not get to act as his idol in “Ip Man 2” because “the sequel will not feature Bruce Lee”, producer of the film Raymond Wong explained.

Wong said that “Ip Man 2” will focus on the life story of Ip Man, the Wing Chun grandmaster and also Bruce Lee’s master, in Hong Kong after the war. The story will not extend to Ip’s old age days and thus will not feature Lee; his clarification also smashed previous rumors which said the role will be a fight between Chou and Hong Kong actor Chan Kwok Kwan.

The region wide popularity of the film has raised market value of male lead Donnie Yen; despite that, he will charge Wong a “friendship price” for the sequel and thus will be kept as the lead of the film.
“Ip Man 2” will be shot in China in July.