As-Salamu Alaikum warah matullahi wa barakatuh

Great News

Hope you all know about the Denmark newspaper who made fun of our holy Prophet (SAW) and till now they do not regret… let us make them regret for good…

The Danish Ambassador, Prime Minister and Denmark National Channel; all are trying to do something just to stop the boycott by Muslims since last months through which their losses have reached 4 billion Euro. If we continue to boycott Denmark products 7 months more it could reach around 80 billion Euro’s loss.

Believers do not let this message stop in your PC. Please forward this text to as many Muslims as possible … Can’t u spare 15 minutes in order to spread this message among Muslims … ASAP?

7-up drink, LEGO, Cadbury chocolates, Hall Chewing gums or any product with barcode no. starting with 57

Please convince all Muslims to circulate this to Muslim ummah to ban Danish made products.

A very good tip for identifying the products to boycott. Every bar Coded product in the market contains its country code included in barcode digits. Please check the barcode of any product before you buy.

Check the first 3 digits from the LEFT.

Example, an Israeli product will have barcode like:
729 3453459070

The following list is given according the priority as the worst at top and then second worst is next.

729 Israel
570 – 579 Denmark (i.e. 570, 571… 579)
870 – 879 Netherlands (i.e. 870,871… 879)
300 – 379 France
700 – 709 Norway
400 – 440 German

Please copy this text and forward this text to as many Muslims as possible Via Email, via SMS, Via Scrap etc.,