Rainie Yang and Jiro Wang, whose relationship has been raising more suspicions daily, both went on CTI’s [Kang Xi Lai Le] to share their secret lifestyle at home. Being a member of idol group Fahrenheit, at home Jiro Wang loves to wear “blue & white thongs”, black-framed glasses, causing Xiao S to laugh, “You’re an absolute Taiwanese “zhai” man!” While Rainie Yang’s floral nightgown also caused Xiao S and Tsai KangYong to shout in surprise, “Is this really what the star of cuteness wears?”

Idol drama [ToGetHer] cast members Rainie Yang, Jiro Wang, Linda, Wei Man and Jin Qin all wore their house clothes and appeared on [Kang Xi Lai Le] to talk about how “zhai” they really are at home! With his “blue & white thongs” plus black-framed glasses, Xiao S almost couldn’t recognise Jiro Wang, directly saying that he’s an absolute Taiwanese “zhai” man. Jiro Wang said that when he’s at home, he likes to go online and everyday he must search for his own news, “My mother really loves to read any news related to me.”

Rainie Yang who was dressed in a floral Western-style nightgown, even brought 4-5 sets [of nightgowns] of the same style to the show. Xiao S and Tsai KangYong felt that this was not very fashionable at all and couldn’t believe that those were worn by the star of cuteness. Rainie Yang expressed that her mother bought all those clothes and that they’re very comfortable to wear. Rainie also revealed that she used to be a “zhai girl”; when she isn’t working, she’ll stay at home to shop online, play with her dog and watch DVDs. She said, “Before Wei Lun passed away, I would refuse other people’s invitations [to go out] but later on, I felt that I should go out more so now, I go out to eat hotpot, sing and have afternoon tea with friends more.”

Xiao S then continued to ask whether Rainie would bring her boyfriend home. Rainie openly replied, “When I’m dating, I will take him home to watch DVDs together with my mother. My mother is very open, I can kiss and lean on my boyfriend’s shoulder in front of her.”

They also talked about MSN and Rainie said that when she is online, she will purposely set her status to ‘away’ to see which of her friends are online. Xiao S asked, “What does ‘away’ mean? If you’re on ‘away’ then why would you go online?” Just when Rainie was about to explain what ‘away’ meant, Tsai KangYong quickly stopped her, “You don’t need to explain to her, she’s won’t understand anyway!” Xiao S accidentally revealed that she just can’t keep up with the times.

Note: The term zhai is slang for people who rarely leave the house. It literally means “house” and is the Taiwanese equivalent of “otaku”.