090216017aThe day before, Jay Chou(周杰伦) drove his sportscar and was followed by the paparazzi. To shake them off, he violated the traffic rules, and even rolled down the windows to show the paparazzi his little finger. However, he did break the rules, and was punished accordingly, about 900 to 1800 yuan.

According to Taiwan’s ‘Today’s News’ news report, Jay Chou was being followed again, and played a game of chase in the streets with the paparazzi. Then, he was driving his branded sportscar (worth 38 million) and he tried to shake them off his trail by going around street corners. He ended up violating traffic rules and drove on bus lanes. Maybe because he was feeling extremely self-satisfied, but he wound down his windows and stuck out his little finger.

This is not Jay’s first time being frustrated with the paparazzi tailing him. To him, being followed around by them is something that happens everyday. However, ever since 2005, where in an attempt to protect his then-girlfriend Patty Hou(侯佩岑), Jay had a quarrel with them in the middle of the road. After that, Jay never did face the paparazzi one-to-one again.

Jay loves cars very much, and right now he owns about 15 of them. The total cost of all of them is estimated to be around 90 million. No matter whether it is a sportscar, a saloon car, or a motorcycle, they are all the latest models. When he drives them on the road, they obviously become the centre of attention. In July last year, he was caught driving a car without a liscence plate and test-driving it on the highway. Later on he explained that there were some places where he could drive that way, and others were he could not. He only found out by reading the newspapers and expressed his hope that the paparazzi would not chase him on the highway.

This time, it is the same for him – driving a car and being followed by the paparazzi. He violated the traffic rules, and with photographs for evidence, he can be fined between 900 to 1800 yuan. Jay said: “I was being forced to break the rules. However if I am fined, I will admit my mistake. I only hope that the paparazzi would be able to follow the rules too and not forcibly impose themselves on me.”