rain_jangdonggun_sexySouth Korean actor Jang Dong-gun has been voted the most handsome celebrity of South Korea.

In the Jan 31 Entertainment Weekly (KBS) program, it was revealed that the 37-year-old actor was voted the most good looking by 4, 559 voters out of 15,085 people polled.

The sexiest body title goes to none other than Rain a.k.a Jung Ji-hoon. The 27-year-old singer/actor bagged 22.1% of the votes (out of 15, 067 people polled).

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-hee has been voted as the most beautiful actress (not Song Hye-kyo anymore?) and Jeon Ji-hyun is singled out as the most body beautiful actress.

Below are the Top 10 lists for the male categories:

Top 10 most dashing celebs:
1. Jang Dong-gun
2. Jo In-sung
3. Rain (Jung Ji-hoon)
4. Bae Yong-joon
5. Song Seung-hun
6. Won Bin
7. Jung Woo-sung
8. Hyun Bin
9. So Ji-sub
10. Lee Byung-hun

Top 10 sexiest bodies:
1. Rain (Jung Ji-hoon)
2. Kwon Sang-woo
3. Cha Seung-won
4. Song Seung-hun
5. So Ji-sub
6. Jo In-sung
7. Jang Dong-gun
8. Bae Yong-joon
9. Lee Jeong-jae
10. Jung Woo-sung