andy-lauAndy Lau will not allow himself to die a lonely old man

Heavenly King Andy Lau was seen wearing a ring on his right ring finger when he was in Guangzhou to promote his new movie “Look for a Star”. Lau explained that it is purely a promotional tool, but also said he will not spend his entire life being a single man.

“Please be assured that the day (of marriage) will come. I will not live in solitude all my life. I’m very afraid of spending the rest of my life alone. I have never done anything bad, so I believe god will take care of me,” he said.

Marriage of the 48-year-old celebrity has been a limelight of his personal life throughout his years of being in the entertainment scene. Lau has been rumored to have dated Carol Chu, a Malaysian, for over 20 years.

Lau added that the ring he was wearing at the event was sponsored and he has to wear it every time he is promoting the movie.