britney1Brit-Brit had no idea it spelled out the F-word. Um … right.

Britney Spears announced the name of her third single, “If You Seek Amy,” but now is being forced to change the title. Say it quickly, and you might find yourself spelling out the F-word — followed by the word “me.”

Radio stations have threatened to ban the song from their airwaves due to the underlying explicitness of the meaning, reports the UK Sun. The inherent sexual innuendo has been deemed inappropriate for Spears’ young fans.

To put it all into context, one of the lines in the song is: “All the boys and the girls are begging to If You Seek Amy.”

Faced with the prospect of the single being banned, Spears has gone back into the studio and rerecorded it.

Rather than rewriting the song, Brit and her label have simply dropped the “K” from the word “seek” and renamed the song “If You See Amy”.

The Sun writes, “The removal of that one letter might have kept parents and radio stations happy, but the downside is that the track now makes no sense whatsoever.”