According to Taiwan’s ETTV online news report, at 2:30pm on the 13th, an EVA Air plane travelling from Beijing directly to Taoyuan Airport was rumoured to have suspected explosives causing security staff to be considerably nervous. Artists S.H.E, Leehom Wang, Mayday, Zhang Yu Yan (张玉嬿) and others were also on the plane. Security immediately asked the plane’s 230 passengers and also one infant to get off the plane for inspection. Luckily in the end it was confirmed to be a false alarm.

As soon as they saw that the problematic plane flew down to the ground, security staff were all very nervous. They sent a car of explosion prevention people to be alert beside the plane and even the explosion prevention workers were not allowed to be unoccupied in the departure lounge area because it had been rumoured that this EVA Air plane from Beijing might have explosives, causing many artists to wait painstakingly for a long time.