By Rasidah HAB

Bangar – Residents of Temburong’s Kg Ujung Jalan has voiced their dissatisfaction with the trail of rubbish left on the roadside, a common sight during the school holidays. Rouziyah Hj Abu Bakar, a primary school teacher, said that the issue has been going on for years. December and January has always been the worst due to the long school holiday season, she said.

A large number of Bruneians and foreigners take advantage of the holidays to travel through the only land route that connects Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak.

The rubbish trail starts when a long line of cars queue at the immigration post leading to the Kg Ujung Jalan ferry.

Rouziyah, whose house is situated some eight metres from the main road, said that relevant
authorities should step up and come up with a solution.

It would help if someone is employed to clean up the rubbish at the roadside, she said, adding that no action had been taken in previous years.

Roslan Hj Bungsu lamented how some people fail to make full use of the rubbish bins located by the roadside.

“This has a negative impact in the district’s efforts to promote tourism,” he said.

Hamimah@Arby Hj A Ahmad said, that the act of throwing rubbish indiscriminately is inconsiderate and the perpetrators do not take into account the residents’ feelings. It would not hurt to collect the rubbish and dispose it at properly designated sites, she said.

“They could make use of the garbage bins provided for the residents, instead of simply throwing the rubbish out of their car’s window,” said the 20-yearold.

The increase in the number of cars crossing the border from Temburong to Limbang resulted in more rubbish being left behind, she said, adding that the rubbish were mostly food wrappings and even diapers.

Hamimah said that the worst part was the beer cans, which is insensitive as the residents in the village were Muslims.

Relevant authorities should take some action by putting signboards to inform passing cars not to throw rubbish and provide more rubbish bins to dispose their garbage, she said.

“We have tried our best to preserve our village’s cleanliness but all that would go to waste if others continue to litter indiscriminately,” she added.

An employee in a private company who wanted to be known as Rashid said that he is greeted by rubbish at the roadside on the way to his house.

“I consider my home as a sanctuary, an escape from work. It is where I can just relax and spend time with my family during my days off, but being greeted by rubbish upon arrival does not really help you to relax,” he said.

“The residents have learnt the importance of protecting the environment, I hope that everybody else would also play their part,” he added.

Imposing fines for people throwing rubbish indiscriminately’ could also be practiced, said 23-year-old Fadzillah, adding that this would require strong enforcement and constant monitoring.

He said that most of the perpetrators did not really care as most of them do not live in the district. — Courtesy of The Brunei Times