revalinaYear 2008 has passed. Revalina S. Temat that the closer to the actors Ringgo Agus Rahman confessed averse ribet pelaminan ride together kekasihnya it.

“Target our marriage equally relaxed ribet do,” said Reva so familiar disapa he found in the West Cempaka Mas, Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta, Friday (2/1/2009).

Movie stars’ Women Berkalung Sorban ‘claim to have the target to immediately release the single. But he also will not want to impose him immediately.

Together Ringgo, Reva has a serious relationship. He has to know the parents Ringgo as well as vice versa. Couples who start to close at the same sam-star movie ‘Pocong 2’ was to hold steady with.

“If it’s time emang mate and have a go,” said Reva friendly.