Last December 29th, at the Metro Hit Music Award, Ella of S.H.E, the biggest winner among Taiwanese singers with four awards, was accused of angrily admonishing the reporters. Today she clarified that she did not get angry towards the Hong Kong media.

The catalyst that started the incidence was because the Hong Kong media compared them with Twins. Ella said in a serious tone: [I did not get angry. I said to them: “Don’t misconstrue our words. That was not what we mean at all. I will remember you all and I will read the news articles.”] However, what she said was used by the Hong Kong media as attention-grabbing headline and interpreted her response as a sign of her getting angry.

Both Hebe and Selina testified for Ella: [Perhaps it is because we normally answer questions in a lighthearted way so when we are chatting in a serious manner, they (the media) would think that we are getting angry. Actually Ella was not angry at all.]