International star Gong Li has been subjected to the censure of the public for giving up her Chinese nationality. Though the superstar has repeatedly expressed her love for her native land, she is still receiving “unjust treatments” in China. In the recent national conference of the China Film Association (CFA), Gong was made excluded from the delegates list.

For the first time in history, the CFA is accepting Hong Kong filmmakers as members. Actors Jackie Chan and Andy Lau; directors Peter Chan, Gordon Chan, Derek Yee and Tsui Siu-ming; President of Hong Kong movie production association, Hung Cho-sing; Managing Director of Emperor Entertainment Group, Li Yabo; MediaAsia’s CEO John Chong and Director of Sil-Metropole Organization, Song Dai are the first batch of ten members from Hong Kong.

Li Qian Kuan, director of “The Birth of New China”, movie which documents the establishment of China, is nominated as President of CFA.