By Arnie PDH Ishak

Miri – Three Bruneians who went shopping in Miri last weekend will think twice about going down south again, after becoming victims of an alleged beating outside one of the malls there.
According to a relative, the man and two women were just coming out of their parking spot, when a car came speeding out of nowhere and hit their vehicle. When they came out to confront the driver of the other vehicle and to negotiate what to do next, the four men became violent.

One of the four men went back into their vehicle and rammed their car again twice.

One of the women went into the car and started to honk the horn to attract attention for assistance from passers-by but was dragged out of the car by one of the four men. The Bruneian man was beaten up and the two women were dragged and slapped.

The three were able to run into their car and immediately rushed to the nearest police station to lodge a report.

As a security precaution, the three Bruneians were then escorted back by the police all the way to the Malaysian Immigration post on their way home. — Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin