Ater youth idol drama ‘Miss No Good’ (不良笑花), which starred two of Taiwan’s biggest idols, Rainie Yang (杨丞琳) and Wilber Pan (潘玮柏) aired, it’s ratings in Taiwan were very good. In December, it began airing in ‘China Entertainment TV’, and it was very popular as well. Yesterday, the main male lead, Wilber Pan, came to Guang Zhou to attend a ‘Miss No Good’ Fans Event, with thousands of fans present. In the event, Wilber continued to play his character off-screen, displaying his ‘evil tongue’. He complained that kissing Rainie Yang was an extremely disgusting thing to do, and after filming the scene, he felt like vomiting. When contacted about this, Rainie, who wasn’t present at the event, immediately retaliated by revealing secrets about Wilber’s greedy habits.