ALL the sacrifice and hard work that DPMM FC have put into their pre-season training might just go to waste if the Registar of Societies (RoS) does not re-register the Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (Bafa) as an association by next month.

The governing body for football in the country, Bafa along with 54 other youth, welfare and sports associations was suspended in late November for not complying with RoS rules.

If the problem of registration is not solved, DPMM FC cannot compete in the 2009 MSL season because Bafa is no longer recognised as an association by the International Federation of Association Football (Fifa) preventing DPMM FC and other local clubs from competing in any Fifa sanctioned competition.

Though Bafa’s suspension was reported last month, it was only yesterday that Football Association Malaysia (FAM) secretary-general Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad stated that unless Bafa resolved the matter, DPMM FC might not be able to compete in next season’s Malaysian Super League.

“We just found out about the matter and if it continues, DPMM FC will not be able to take part in next season’s MSL campaign,” the secretary-general was quoted as saying in Bernama.

“We have sent a letter to Bafa to explain the matter and it has until Saturday to give us an answer.

“If the problem is not settled, they cannot take part in the MSL as it goes against Fifa regulations,” he added.

When contacted yesterday, Bafa secretary-general Pg Hj Metussin Pg Metassan said that it had already made an appeal to the RoS.

“I can confirm that we have launched an appeal to get reinstated, but I do not know whether we will be successful or not or when we will get an answer,” said Pg Hj Metussin.

“As for the FAM sending us a letter, I do not know anything about that and we have not received anything from them,” he added.

The news must come as a surprise to DPMM FC’s newest signings, striker Bobby Gonzalez and defender Chan Wing Hoong. Both Malaysians were an integral part of the club’s pre-season training, with Gonzalez impressing the team during a trio of friendlies held in Singapore earlier in the month.

If Bafa does not get reinstated, the duo, along with the rest of their DPMM FC teammates, might have to play their football in the Brunei League Premier I.

The Brunei Times