Rain has left Seoul in winter and is enjoying
the tropical weather in the Philippines

A little bird told us that Rain flew to the Philippines for a photo shoot for a magazine and also to catch up on some much needed R&R. He will be staying at the Philippines for five nights. Purpose of the visit is to shoot promotion photos for his Six to Five clothing line.

Rain will fit into 100 outfits (gosh it sounds like ambitious Rain is going to model the entire Six to Five collection on his own). All this will take place on the beautiful island of Cebu. Only 5 nights and more than a 100 outfits to model? I don’t know how is he going to find any time for rest and to rejuvenate his tired soul with such a schedule.

Rain’s Six to Five clothing brand is expected to launch in February 2009. Rain has personally designed some of the clothes in his brand. We look forward to view your creations Bi.